Wedding Photography Guide

How many hours will you be there on our day?

  • Everything is possible. You can book me for a few hours and for an entire weekend.
  • From experience I can say that around 10 hours are a good time frame to document all relevant moments of your day, including the preparations, ceremony, reception, group & couple portraits and some party impressions.

What is included and how many photos will we receive?

  • Throughout the entire time I’ll be there to answer all your questions and help you with planning your day if needed.
  • You will receive a selection of individually edited digital images. For a 10 hour documentary you can expect around 400 images.
  • You will receive full rights of use for private purposes. Print, send and share as often as you like and with whomever you please.
  • Password-protected online gallery (online between 4-12 months depending on package).
  • Selection of fine art prints in 10x15cm (number depends on package).
  • Travel costs in Berlin (low fees for further distances).
  • Optional: More prints and individually designed wedding albums.

What are your prices?

  • As you probably know there is a lot of work behind a wedding. As a wedding photographer the biggest chunk of work comes after the day. To give you an idea: for a 10 hour documentary I calculate about one working week.
  • Prices start at 700€ for 2h of photography at the Registry Office and around 1900€ for a 6h documentary.
  • For more information just send me a short email and I’ll forward you detailed information on all packages.

When will we receive our photos?

  • On average it takes about one month to deliver the photos.
  • However, in rare cases it can take up to eight weeks during peak season. In this case I will let you know about it and send you a selection of highlights within two weeks of your wedding date.
  • If there are a few specific images that you’d love to see shortly after your wedding, feel free to ask! I’d be happy to get them ready for you before delivering the final documentary.

What's your style?

  • It’s a mix of documentary and editorial. This means I will capture all pinnacle events, hidden details and spontaneous moments of your wedding from a journalistic perspective.
  • I am of course happy though to organise group photos and shoot details (like dress and rings) in a somewhat staged style.
  • During the couple portraits I will give you direction and tips but I can promise these shots will be natural and uncontrived.
  • I work discretely and use natural light as much as possible (flash may be used during the party at night). I am a communicative person and no one will be “scared of the camera”.

Do you edit our photos?

  • Yes, but very lightly. I will mainly adjust exposure, contrast and colours. My aim of editing is to reflect the ambience of your day, not to make the photos look doctored.
  • I shoot film because I love the natural character of analog photographs. All digital images will be edited to create a coherent look inspired by Kodak film.
  • Detailed retouching is not part of the editing process. If there are, however, individual needs, please just ask.

Do you also offer photo sessions before our wedding?

  • Yes, I do! A photo session (engagement shooting) is a great way for you to get comfortable in front of the camera and for us to get to know each other before your wedding.
  • These images can also perfectly be used for your wedding invitations.

We will have many international guests - do you speak other languages?

  • Yes, apart from German and English I speak good Spanish, Italian and some French.

Do you also photograph weddings outside Germany?

  • Absolutely, I love traveling. I have photographed weddings and couples in Australia, Greece, France and Italy.
  • Wherever you’re getting married, I’m happy to join you and capture your experience.
  • I’m open to negotiations in terms of combined travel and package costs.

What happens if you're sick on our wedding day?

  • In the unlikely case that I can not be present on your day due to health reasons I will try my best to find a substitute photographer. I can not give you a written guarantee for this (because that would mean I’d have to reserve another photographer for your day.) However, I can promise that I have a large network of competent colleagues to jump in.

Can we meet you before booking?

  • Yes, please :)
  • Just send me an email or call me. Let’s set up a personal meeting or (video) call and make sure we get along.

We'd like to book you. How do we proceed?

  • If I’m available and you want to book me, we’ll sign a contract. After you’ve transferred the reservation fee your date is locked in my calendar.
  • In order to ensure that your day will be as stress-free as possible I will send you a form a few weeks before your wedding through which you can communicate all relevant information. This includes for example the timeline of your day and group photos.
  • Please also feel free to put me in touch with your best man, maids of honor or wedding planner if you have one.