Family photos, pregnancy and child photography in Berlin

Familie mit Kind in Wohnzimmer
Mutter mit Zwillingen

Photos are memories. Memories of the pregnancy, breast-feeding, slightly chaotic breakfasts in the mornings… There is probably no other time in life with so many changes happening in such a short time like when kids enter your life. And the children don’t wait growing up. I am here to document this valuable time.

Familie mit Kind im Wald

What is family documentary photography?

With my photography I want to capture the moments in between. I want to capture real emotions. I want to capture you how you are – not how you are in front of a camera. I want real emotions. I want you to be able to look back at your pictures in a decade and let them make you relive an episode of your life. Kids playing, fooling around and parents doing their things.

Of course, if you or your child/children want to have their portrait taken in a more “classical” way, I am in, too. And a few family photos for grandma are naturally no problem. (A photo session in my studio is possible as well.)

What's the procedure?

My aim are natural, unposed family photos. Ideally, a shooting goes for several hours (especially if I’m with you for the first time.) I will not start snapping straight as I walk into your flat and leave half an hour later. From experience I can say that I usually don’t take many photos in the first minutes. You and the kids should have time to get used to the visitor.

Often I visit families on a Saturday or Sunday morning around breakfast time. (All other day and night times are of course also possible.) Then I will accompany you in what you do: cook, eat, play – be it in the children’s room, the living room, the garden. A little trip to a park or playground nearby is always a nice option, too. I am completely open to your ideas and wishes.

Do we need to prepare?

Nope. You do not have to figure out any schedule, clean your apartment or get dressed. I want you as you are. But of course we will talk about the day before.

Why you as our photographer?

I myself grew up with three wonderful (younger) siblings and get along great with kids. I’m quick in connecting with children and I don’t find it hard to empathize with them. I also think I’ve kept a healthy amount of childishness to this day.

Will the photos be published?

I won’t publish any photos without your prior consent. If you allow me to use photos, I can give you a discount.

Vater hält Baby

Do you also take newborn photos?

Yes! I love taking pictures of all stages of life, also of the time of pregnancy and newborn babies.

Do we get to meet you before?

Sure! I’d be happy to meet you via videocall or for a coffee in Berlin Wedding / Mitte.

Would you also come visit us in …?

I live and work in Berlin, and regularly spent time near Düsseldorf and Cologne. But basically, I will travel anywhere. Just get in touch and I will let you know if I’m in your area in the near future and on which terms I can visit you.

How can we book you?

Just call me or send me a message via my contact form!