Wedding photos on Peacock Island in Berlin (Pfaueninsel)

Wedding photos in Berlin Wannsee. A German-Vietnamese couple getting married in one of Berlin’s most exotic spots.

Wedding Photo in Berlin Wannsee

It was a hot summer day in Berlin when Lien and Moritz said yes to each other in an intimate ceremony at Hochzeitsvilla Berlin-Zehlendorf, followed by a romantic wedding picnic on Berlin’s famous Pfaueninsel, located in the river Havel. The following photographs were taken on the island.

Wedding couple waiting for the ferry in Berlin Wannsee

Bride and groom on ferry in Berlin Wannsee

Beautiful bridal bouquet

Wedding photo of strolling couple on Pfaueninsel

Landscape photo of wedding couple on Peacock Island

Bride and groom walking through field

Bride and groom looking at each other

Couple kissing in field

Happy couple in Berlin

Bride and groom holding hands

Portrait handsome groom

Photo of pregnant bride

Bridal hair styling

Bride and groom holding hand under a tree

Beautiful wedding couple kissing under a tree

Relaxed wedding photo session in Berlin

Epic landscape wedding photo in Berlin

Portrait of beautiful bride in nature

Close-up of wedding bouquet

Symmetrical wedding photo

Bride and groom in front of wall

Wedding couple laughing during relaxed photo shoot

Bride and groom kissing

Wedding couple doing Piñata