Engagement photos in Rehberge in Berlin-Wedding

Photoshoot in a park and garden in Berlin-Wedding

Spaziergang in Berlin Rehberge

I want to show you some impressions of an engagement photo shoot in Rehberge. This huge park is a fantastic place for a photo shoot in Berlin-Wedding with its hills and wide meadows. Essentially beautiful photos are possible at any time of day and year, there are shady and sunny spots and the park is rarely overcrowded.

Generally I’d also say that there is no one perfect season for engagement photos. Especially here, in nature s close to town you can take great images in spring light, or during summer when the trees are in full blossom (ideally in the evening light). In autumn the trees change colour and turn the whole scenery into an impressive wonderland. And sometimes during winter mornings the meadows are covered by a layer of fog and simply look mystical.

Oh yeah, and those who like can also to a side trip into the allotment gardens – a pretty amusing setting for photos if you ask me.

Küssendes Paar im Volkspark Rehberge

Lachende Menschen bei Paarfotos in Berlin Rehberge

Verlobungsfotos in Berlin-Wedding

Paar beim Spaziergang im Volkspark Rehberge in Berlin-Wedding

Paar beim Fotoshooting im Volkspark Rehberge

Verlobtes Paar auf Blumenwiese im Volkspark Rehberge

Verlobungsring in Szene gesetzt

Lachendes Paar beim Shooting in Berlin-Wedding nahe Tegel

Paarshooting auf der Catcherwiese im Volkspark Rehberge

Paarfotos im Volkspark Rehberge

Fotoshooting auf der Catcherwiese in Berlin-Wedding

Entspanntes Paarfoto im Volkspark Rehberge

Engagement Fotos in Berlin-Rehberge

Verlobtes Paar küsst sich

Paarfoto auf Treppe

Paar beim Fotoshooting in Berlin-Rehberge

Innige Umarmung

Paarfotos in Berlin-Wedding

Paarfoto am Rathenau-Denkmal

Schwarzweiß Paarfoto

Verlobte auf Wiese

Ausgelachenes Lachen beim Fotoshooting

Paarfoto im Kleingarten

Verlobtes Paar sitzt im Kleingarten

Paar beim Spaziergang

Verlobungsshooting im Kleingarten


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