Backyard Patterns – Berlin Wedding backyards & streets

Backyard Patterns is a photographic essay on Berlin’s urban patterns that we pass daily but don’t perceive consciously most of the time. The photographs of Berlin backyards and streets were taken in Berlin’s district Wedding. Given the drastic change that Wedding has been going through in recent years, the series tries to inspire conscious perception of our surroundings.

Doppelbelichtung Berliner Hinterhaus
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Wir sind Berliner – Street Portraits

In spring 2017 I strolled through the streets of Wedding, Kreuzberg and Charlottenburg and approached strangers, interviewed them and took their portrait. I asked them who they are, what their background is and what they think about Berlin.

Heinz (57)
I like the madness in Berlin Wedding, that everyone is a bit crazy like I myself am a bit crazy. I don’t like it when it’s all slow and so on. Here I can get my beer day and night. What I also like is that people here are honest. And when – let me say it as it is – you get into a fight then the next morning it is all right again. And I’m not from here, I was born in Uckermünde.

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On the road with adventurer Willi Weitzel

“Willi’s wild ways” – on tour with Willi Weitzel

Willi Weitzel ist in Bracht

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Nicaragua’s “Wild East” – An Expedition

It’s been three weeks since I started my journey through this country on search for opinions and experiences regarding the project of the Nicaragua-Canal and I have had an adventure I never imagined before.

Roberto, 38, Fischer und Bauer. Er ist Rama und spricht in einem unverwechselbaren englischen Dialekt. In der Bucht im Hinergrund wirft er morgens seine Netze aus, um sie abends wieder einzuholen. Die Rama sind Ureinwohner an der Atlantikküste Nicaraguas. Seine Vorfahren lebten bereits hier, als Kolumbus Amerika "entdeckte".

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Arrival in Jinotega, Nicaragua

About my arrival in Nicaragua and the trip to the mountain town of Jinotega.

Kaffee wird verladen
Loading a truck with bags of beans.

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New York City

If I didn’t love Berlin so much I might be tempted to enter the lottery for a green card. New York, what an incredible place. Dirty, loud, over the top – chic, modern, idyllic. This city has it all.
One thing that fascinates me in particular are American diners. I wasn’t sure what makes this concept so interesting to me. Here is an anecdote and some thoughts that occurred to me yesterday when I went to have breakfast.

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Autumnal Portraits

Autumnal Portraits

Impressions from a recent shooting in Beelitz near Berlin.

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The TJ Collective

During an extended stay in Australia in 2014 I was asked to photograph a show during the famous Fringe Festival. “The TJ Collective” is a local 8-piece band headed by saxophonist Terry Jones and presented a Jazz / Cabaret show.

Also visit their website to listen to some of their songs:


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Art in the Underground – Driving Home

A photography project in a Berlin underground station.

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