Photography for me has been a life-long passion. Since working as a professional photographer, my camera has become an extension of myself: always ready to capture beautiful, meaningful and spontaneous moments.

I focus on wedding photography, portrait photography and the documentation of events, both large-venue (expo halls and fashion shows) and personal events (weddings and private parties).

During my work for DPA (the main German news agency responsible for delivering coverage of national and international affairs to publications across the country) in 2011 I perfected my skills in photographic journalism. Most notably, I have extensive experience in stills shoots for film and television, having worked on both seasons on the set of Australian production Danger 5, and the Adelaide-based print magazine Attitude.

During all iterations of my career, I have approached the job with zeal and enthusiasm, striving to capture the moments that make each event or situation special, to be remembered and enjoyed ad infinitum.



Hochzeitsfotograf in Berlin und Solingen
Hochzeitsfotograf Brandenburg
Hochzeitsfotograf Köln