On the road with adventurer Willi Weitzel

“Willi’s wild ways” – on tour with Willi Weitzel

Willi Weitzel ist in Bracht

For the second time I accompanied Willi Weitzel – known from the German TV show Willi wills wissen (“Will wants to know”) – as a photographer on his adventures. Willi presents my photos during his shows all over Germany that are part of a series called Willis wilde Wege (“Willi’s wild ways”). In October 2016 we walked during the project Nach Hause gehen (“Going Home”). In June 2017 Willi floated in a river according to the motto treib gut (literally means “float well” but the name is derived from the German word “Treibgut” = “flotsam”)

We’re stressed from everyday life and just want to get out for a few days. Who doesn’t know the feeling? Often, the first things that come to mind are a city trip, a guided round trip or visiting an exotic travel destination. Paris, the Alps, Mallorca. It all sounds good but let’s be honest: on many occasions our plans fail due to a limited budget or our bosses’ stubbornness when it comes to agreeing on holidays.

Willi thought to himself: why does it have to be so complicated? A distraction from daily routine, a challenge or experiencing hospitality surely must be possible more easily and spontaneously. With his adventures he wants to inspire his audience.

Below I will show you some impressions of our trips. You can learn more about his shows at

Nach Hause gehen – October 2016

A different version of “Blind man’s buff“ or: sometimes adults should also listen to their play instinct. Blindfolded Willi gets dropped off by his brother Manuel an hour’s travel away from home. Manuel takes Willi’s money, his phone and extra set of clothes. Let’s see how long it takes Willi to walk home.

Willis lässt sich von seinem Bruder absetzen

Willi Weitzel wandert in Hessen

Willi Weitzel geht in der Dämmerung auf einem Feld an einem Dorf vorbei

Willis Wilde Wege Fotos

Schwarz Weiß Foto Willi Weitzel auf einem Feld in Hessen

Nasse Schuhe

Nebel im Waldgebiet Christenberger Talgrund

Willi Weitzel spaziert im Waldgebiet Christenberger Talgrund

Willi Weitzel spiegelt sich in einem Weiher im Waldgebiet Christenberger Talgrund

Willi Weitzel füttert ein Tier

Schild Dienstag Ruhetag

Willi klopft an Haustür

Pilze an Baumstamm

Willi Weitzel auf Hunburgturm

Willi Weitzel lacht in die Kamera

Ankunft Langenstein

Willi ist Zuhause

treib gut – Juni 2017

It’s a common belief that you can achieve everything in life if you only try hard enough. But which influence does coincidence have? And doesn’t coincidence really just come into play once you take away the pressure in life and “float”. Willi takes the wording literal and wants to float. Together with his friend Sven he jumps into the river Unstrut in Saxony-Anhalt. Dressed in a wetsuit and carrying a tent in a (at least theoretically) waterproof bag the two friends float for three days. The tour turns into a humid and fun expedition with a lot of nice coincidences.

Willi Weitzel im Neoprenanzug

Schwimmer steigen in Fluss Unstrut

Schwimmer in Unstrut

Foto Unstruttalbrücke

Im Wasser treibende Menschen Abenteurer

Schwimmer in Unstrut

Schwimmer lässt sich in Unstrut treiben

Camper hängt nasse Sache auf

Camper trinken Kaffee vor Zelt

Mann springt an Seil in Unstrut

Willi Weitzel und Freund schwimmen in Unstrut

Schwimmer bei Laucha in der Unstrut

Bewegtes Bild von zwei Schwimmern bei Freyburg Unstrut

Willi Weitzel lacht

Blick durch die Baumkronen in den Himmel

Schwimmer bei Nacht in der Unstrut

Wanderer wandern im Naturschutzgebiet Tote Täler